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He was an influential figure during the reigns of his brother Emperor Alexander III of Russia and his nephew Emperor Nicholas II, who was also his brother in law through Sergei's marriage to Elizabeth, the sister of Tsarina Alexandra.Grand Duke Sergei's education gave him lifelong interests in culture and the arts.In 1889, Grand Duke Sergei was promoted to the rank of Major General.In 1884, Sergei married Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

His interest in Italian art and culture intensified as he grew older.

Sergei was then in Italy with his brother Paul and Admiral Arseniev.

Three months later, in June 1881, the Grand Duke went to Palestine accompanied by Paul and his cousin Grand Duke Constantine Constantinovich. He helped to found a society dedicated to the upkeep of Orthodox shrines in the Holy Land and the provision of services to Russian pilgrims.

George, for courage and bravery in action with the enemy, for a reconnaissance expedition at Kara Loma near Koshev.

At the end of December 1877, Sergei Alexandrovich returned to Saint Petersburg with his father.

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