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Men, don’t shout at women across the road just because you can. Men, don’t assault someone you’ve just met that night.LAST YEAR CASES of Chlamydia in Ireland increased by 32%.

If being a man means standing up and taking responsibility for one’s actions, then men: be men.“Some 69 per cent of victims of sexual violence do not report it, according to 2011 figures from the Rape Crisis Network Ireland. It is a crisis that representatives who are in charge of protecting citizens, such as Callinan, still expect the victims to solve. The potential perpetrators of attacks are seldom asked to be as conscientious, apart from occasional innovations such as the Don’t Be That Guy campaign. Dubious behaviour Men, of course, argue that this generalisation is unfair, that it demonises blokes who are non-violent and deplore such behaviour.Under-reporting is not surprising given the stigma that is still imposed on victims of sexual violence, and the apathy with which the judiciary treats them.” Photograph: Bryan O’Brien Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan’s message was loud and clear. At the time of writing, we still don’t know what happened to Elaine O’Hara that led to her body being found in the Dublin mountains. Potential attackers are rarely instructed to exercise vigilance. Yet every group of guys has a buddy who is a little wayward, and whose behaviour towards women is dubious.Gardaí are examining her computer records, investigating whether she was interacting with someone online. Police don’t say “don’t be violent”; they say “protect yourself from violence”. Many men remain silent when the lads suggest a strip club on a stag night, even if they are uncomfortable with it.Internet dating is not the slightly seedy underground it was generalised as in the early days of the web, when people perceived to lack the real-life social skills necessary to find a partner took to chat rooms to shack up. Most guys probably have a suspicion that a male close to them has bought sex.

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Under-reporting is not surprising given the stigma that is still imposed on victims of sexual violence, and the apathy with which the judiciary treats them.

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