Updating bios administrator

HPZ800 has been out for a while (actually it is an old Workstation/Towerstation in 2010).

The default motherboard BIOS version was dated 3.56 released in Jan/2013 and the latest one we can get from the HP website is v3.57 which was released at July/2013.

I have a laptop with a version of Windows 10 Education.

I don't have admin rights, nor do I have the bios password.

If you are infact using a UEFI firmware BIOS, you need to disable "Secure Boot" (and if possible, enable "Legacy Support") found in the BIOS settings.At this point, the BIOS password should have been removed.Now you need a correctly made boot USB, that is allowed by the BIOS or (if you have it) UEFI firmware.You first need to sign up with HP website and search for HPZ800 BIOS download.Of course, you can also download a local copy here: https://rot47.net/9j and you will have a few folders: Click start menu and right click your current user-account icon. After a while, you should be able to sign in the PC using local account Administrator.

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In most cases, to remove the BIOS password one must disassemble the laptop and locate either the CMOS jumper or the CMOS battery.

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