Updating access data from foxpro

This happens when you use C:\ drive as the destination directory of your Excel file.Either create a folder on your C:\ drive and add this to your path, or direct the file to the \BRO folder on your server since it should have full permissions.

Once launched, it's going to update the templates again.

These documents are usually created when a word document is having issues saving/retrieving from the server.

Open the good document directly from clicking on the name, and it will give you the 'options' 'remove data header sources' error, and then I close it. If the system will not allow you to delete these two files because they are being used someone else, this means that the files are locked on your server. If so, exit all Power Broker users, and go to Tables, User Security Codes, create a new users matching the same security settings as the existing user, go to Utilities, Change User Security Codes and run this from the numeric code to the alpha code.\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VFP and delete vfp8and then install \BRO\again2) Delete \BRO\and \BRO\file and try logging in again.3) Shut down workstation, and log back on, and test again 4) Disconnect mapped drive, and reconnect mapped drive This error occurs when a user i.d. Open Windows Explorer, browse to your \BRO folder and create a folder that matches the User Code. Should you find files in this folder that have the extension, you may delete them and their cousin files.

This will install the needed files in the c:\program files\ common files\powerbroker directory.

You would then move to a workstation, connect through terminal server, and test launching Power Broker.

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EXE, then sitting at the server, map a drive letter H back to it's own C:\DATA directory and create a new Icon on the desktop pointing to This can happen of two documents somehow have the same name.

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