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As I recall, you'd have two instances of the SPI library code, each initialized (.begin) with a unique CS pin number). I don't see an different SPI library in the install (or at least for 1.18).That is, this library that Paul did, to emulate the AVR's SPI library, manages the CS pin assertion, the application using the library does not. there is the"spi4teensy3" library (not in 1.18) from ajax. I tried it but Ethernet.h had issues with it (mostly because it called SPI.h) although when I renamed spi4teensy3 to SPI, it didn't compile either.

You will have to fix the library by changing the code and the prototype to use size_t.

The Ethernet library assumes pin 10 as the CS (Slave Select rather than Chip Select but we shall not be picky) For the 5100 yes, but the other SPI device is present, and uses a different pin for slave select. the Arduino SPI library hard coded the SS pin and there's no simple way to have code to use a different SS pin based on which device is being addressed.

The Teensy 3 SPI code allows a pin to be specified for each instance..

basically the program reads data from a couple of sources, all on serial, builds an output record and writes it to the SD card. I'm now truly stuck here, Here's the code: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // 1.1.2 removed rtc, // 1.1.3 added 2 commas in non bms record.

added bms updates to web server mlaas and mlarr records // 1.1.4 added dynamic file names based on coledate from exp1 record ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #include //#define ethernet ON #define Server DEBUG //Ethernet Setup Info byte mac[] = ; IPAddress ip( 192,168,0,10 ); // AJ1 Network IPAddress gateway( 192,168,0,254 ); //blue TP-Link Router, AJ1 IPAddress subnet( 255,255,255,0 ); Ethernet Server server(80); const char legal Chars[] = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890/.-_~"; unsigned int request Number = 0; const int chip Select = 4; //sd card cs pin String log File Ext = "000.csv"; String log File String; char log File[] = "logfile0.csv"; //file name to store into //Cole Time Variables float Cole Time Second; int Cole Time Year; long fake Second; int Leap Days = 0; //SD file write intermediate records String exp Record1 = (""); String exp Record2 = (",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"); // 22 commas String exp Record3 = (""); String exp Record = (""); unsigned long Exp Delay = 0; int Exp Ready = 0; //Serial input read strings String in Data; char in Char=-1; String in Data2;char in Char2=-1; String in Data3; char in Char3 =-1; void setup() //end of setup void loop() //This loop checks the server for activity and reads from the sensors on Serial1, BMS module on Serial2, and SD write Records on Serial3 outputs a combined stream to port 3, writes logs to the SD card.

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it won't respond to the "r" command from the serial monitor either.

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