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Furthermore, the different styles of method invocations expose different ambiguities in its grammar!

Surely the consistent application of a carefully chosen set of formatting rules will resolve a great deal of ambiguity for both man and machine.

Thus complexity is the tax of sophistication — you must always ensure that its utility exceeds its cost. application of the same formatting rules will almost always enhance readability.

A reader already familiar with a particular style does not have to grasp yet another set of local conventions, or decipher yet another corner of the language grammar.

Invariants are an advanced but necessary aspect of Scala’s typesystem, and should be used widely (and correctly) as it aids the application of subtyping.

Implicits are a powerful type system feature, but they should be used sparingly.

There’s no use coercing a Java program into Scala, for it will be inferior in most ways to its original.The primary objective of a type system is to detect programming errors.The type system effectively provides a limited form of static verification, allowing us to express certain kinds of invariants about our code that the compiler can verify.This is especially important when instantiating objects with mixins as the scala compiler creates singleton types for these. Because Scala has declaration site variance annotations, authors of common libraries — especially collections — must be prolific annotators.Such annotations are important for the usability of shared code, but misapplication can be dangerous.

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