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Profiles without photos immediately make guys suspect you may be hiding something.Obvious spelling and grammar mistakes Poor spelling and incorrect grammar usage can be a turn-off to men, as it may appear that you haven’t thought very carefully about how you present yourself to others, or taken the time to edit your profile before posting it.Seriousness and sarcasm While it’s important to create a profile that gives the impression you’re serious about looking for love, you don’t have to be serious about everything.

I love watching them grow and find their own voices through music,” rather than a four-paragraph diatribe on the importance of music education.

Try: I’m looking for someone kind, caring and compassionate.

You say: I have a busy calendar and I’m out enjoying the city most nights.

Try to answer each question succinctly, using no more than three sentences.

For example, the answer to the question, “What am I most passionate about?

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