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Relapse commonly occurs between 8–24 weeks and is commonly seen with P. Reinfection cannot readily be distinguished from recrudescence, although recurrence of infection within two weeks of treatment for the initial infection is typically attributed to treatment failure.

Recrudescence is when symptoms return after a symptom-free period.The merozoites infect red blood cells, where they develop into ring forms, trophozoites and schizonts that in turn produce further merozoites.Sexual forms are also produced, which, if taken up by a mosquito, will infect the insect and continue the life cycle.vivax infections, The parasite is relatively protected from attack by the body's immune system because for most of its human life cycle it resides within the liver and blood cells and is relatively invisible to immune surveillance.However, circulating infected blood cells are destroyed in the spleen. falciparum parasite displays adhesive proteins on the surface of the infected blood cells, causing the blood cells to stick to the walls of small blood vessels, thereby sequestering the parasite from passage through the general circulation and the spleen.

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It is caused by parasites surviving in the blood as a result of inadequate or ineffective treatment.

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