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I’ve mentioned a bit of this story before, but I’m going to tell you a very intense part that I’ve never had reason to tell before. I was in love with the one I was dating at the time, but I was scared of some things I saw in her (and things I saw in myself, too, even if I wasn’t honest enough with myself at the time to see it that way).There was another woman who I’d had a very odd relationship with before I let myself meet and date the first woman.People criticize the church today as being consumeristic. And even if you don’t think you need other Christians, I promise you you do, and so does our world. Maybe it’s just beginning to take shape for a brand new era that desperately needs it.

So while she’s been waffling about who to choose — and felt she had plenty of time to keep waffling — she feels that she’s run out of time.I completely understand why a growing number of people are bailing on church. And the post-modern mind distrusts most things organized or institutional.Even people who used to lead in the church often stop attending (here are 9 reasons why church leaders do that). But as trendy as the idea of writing off the church may be, it’s a mistake.If you want to get rid of the church, you also need to get rid of Jesus. I understand that the idea of the church being imperfect makes some people despair.But rather than making us despair, the fact that Jesus started the church with imperfect people should make us marvel at God’s incredible grace.

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