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The record of who did what has become known simply as “The List”—at one point, it was rumored to include 174 names—and the tantalizing prospect of finding out who is on it caused a feeding frenzy among the national media, from the “You couldn’t walk down Main Street without being hounded by media. Families are being torn apart, and children are having to face the world of adult transgressions far too early. Small, pretty, and fit—about five feet two inches and 113 pounds, according to her indictment—she was “very nice,” says Vickkie Parent, another local Zumba instructor, who started out by taking classes from Wright.You couldn’t go into a coffee shop without reporters’ trying to overhear what people were talking about.” Who might be on the list? It’s enough to make you wonder: does the punishment ever truly fit the crime? all you have to do is google her full name (which is pretty ridiculous that she goes by that) & you’ll see her doing all kinds of nasty sexual acts with married old men, herself & other females. On the blog, “Imarollingstone” wrote, “This wasn’t a woman who looked like she had been pulled out of some Lewiston crystal meth lab.In court documents, the police allege not only that Wright was a prostitute but that she shared her professional encounters with Strong, either by sending him digital tapes of them or live video via Skype.Wright was sexually involved with Strong, who was also a licensed private investigator.And so, wait they did.“lang redd” wrote on the blog, “The topic of Alexis Wright . One commenter wrote, “I really enjoy reading all the puritanical BS being written here. They thought they’d find evidence of simple prostitution.

(According to the Associated Press, she got a natural-sciences degree from the University of Southern Maine’s Lewiston-Auburn College in 2010.) According to an affidavit, she got a permit in 2010 from the Town of Kennebunk for the Pura Vida (“Pure Life”) Studio, which was supposed to be a “Personal Services and Dance Studio.” The 2,500-square-foot space wasn’t quite in the heart of Kennebunk, with its colonial wood-frame houses and shops, but rather in a small strip mall, between the Best Nails salon and Toppings pizzeria.

Allegedly, she asked him to run her clients’ license‑plate numbers through the state motor-vehicle database, presumably to get their real identities.

In the affidavit for Strong’s arrest warrant, the police say that “the numerous sex acts were video recorded unbeknownst to the males she was having sex with.”Both Wright and Strong, who were indicted in October on a combined 165 charges consisting mainly of engaging in prostitution (her), promotion of prostitution (both), violation of privacy (both), and in her case benefits and tax fraud, have pleaded not guilty. But, really, it could have been—and could still be—anyone.

In the area around Kennebunk, it was an open secret long before the scandal broke that Alexis Wright led a double life. Here was an atractive [Wright graduated from nearby Topsham’s Mt.

“I knew about this story,” one lawyer who is involved tells me. He said, ‘Look, there’s a woman in town who’s a Zumba instructor. I’ve seen her and I’m worried.’ ”“Why [are you worried]? Ararat High School in 2001, and in May 2005 had a son.

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Part of a pre-school group of moms, Wright would be at birthday parties on the weekends and had a boyfriend named Jason Trowbridge, whom she married in the summer of 2012.

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