Sarah huffman and abby wambach dating

As in Abby Wambach the soccer legend who is hanging up her cleats at the end of this year (she deserves some time off after a stellar career! ) and who inspired a barbie doll because she’s such a total badass on the field. She was one of the best players of all time, and she has been a fierce and committed advocate for women’s equality for a decade.

just let us know that a popular Cristian author revealed she’s dating Abby Wambach. The kids call her an M&M because she looks tough on the outside but inside she’s really mushy and sweet.

[LOVE WINS ANNOUNCEMENT PART ONE] Feels like the world could use all the love it can get right now. They’re lucky kids, to be surrounded by so much love. She’s unwaveringly good to Craig, to the kids, to Sister and to all my people. She loves me for all the things I’ve always wanted to be loved for. "[My] kids call her an M&M because she looks tough on the outside but inside she's really mushy and sweet. I learn from her every day about the woman I want to become. "Fine through my bones and soul and mind and just every fiber of me. I have officially become a woman who knows who she is and refuses to betray herself. Wanted to answer a few questions you might have: Isn’t this fast, G? We have family dinners together – all six of us — and Abby cooks. So today, I'm going to share with you my new love," the Love Warrior author wrote. "Abby is deeply sensitive and kind," Glennon continued. She has never been afraid to be herself, even when the world told her not to be. "What I need you to know — and what I know you need to know — is that I am deeply, finally, FINE," Glennon added. PRECIOUS WORLD: I LOVE ABBY." Glennon concluded her Facebook post: "I'm so happy.


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In an August 2012 blog post titled Outside/Inside, Melton announced her move to Naples.

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