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In 1858, Rand hired Andrew Mc Nally who was later to become a partner.Within the next few years, the shop got into the railroad business by starting to print railway tickets and schedules, a key step in the development of the company.This map formed the basis of numerous further publications, since it could be broken down to show different states or regions.It became their Business Atlas, and also a successful series of pocket maps. And even if you ask for our opinion, YES, Love should be free. There's nothing to subscribe to and it's totally anonymous to use our site.Rand Mc Nally & Company, still a major name in map publishing to this day, began as a small print shop opened in Chicago in 1856 by William H. The shop originally printed guidebooks and directories.The populations of principal cities are provided in the margin.Date: 1920 Maker: Rand Mc Nally Size: 26 x 18 1/2 Price:., sixty-seventh edition of the "Rand Mc Nally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide" is unique in its inclusion of informative details.

In 1886, Rand Mc Nally added lithography to their printing capabilities.The use of wax engraving meant that plates could be created very quickly and changed easily; necessary factors at that time of rapid railroad growth and westward expansion.The wax engraving method also allowed for the use of very small lettering, which was useful when many stops and stations along a route needed to be marked.Date: 1936 Maker: Rand Mc Nally Size: 18 1/2 x 12 1/2 Price:., sixty-seventh edition of the "Rand Mc Nally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide" is unique in its inclusion of informative details concerning population sizes, district uses, the size of counties, and railroad routes.The harvesting seasons in the United States for spring and winter oats are illustrated on this large, double page map with an inset on each map showing the acreage used for growing oates.

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Elegant date stamped Art Nouveau Victorian terrestrial One of the most prolific globe makers of the th century Gilman Joslin produced globes for nearly fifty years It is because of this longevity that today .

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