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Biological theories of sexual offending have centered on abnormalities in the structure of the brain, hormone levels, genetic and chromosomal makeup, and deficits in intellectual functioning.

Key research findings concerning the validity of various biological theories are— The empirical evidence produced to date does not indicate that the presence of a particular biological phenomenon has a causal relationship with sexual offending.

Evolutionary theory views human behavior as the result of millions of years of adaptive changes designed to meet ongoing challenges within the environment.

However, biological studies are still relatively new.

With improved methodologies, future research may demonstrate that certain aspects of biological theories yield beneficial information for understanding and explaining the origins of sexual offending behavior (Stinson, Sales, & Becker, 2008).

Third, knowledge about causes can help sex offender management professionals develop more effective treatment interventions.

(For more on "Effectiveness of Treatment for Adult Sex Offenders," see chapter 7 in the Adult section.) Rather than focusing on symptoms or using a one-size-fits-all approach, rehabilitation efforts can target the specific underlying causes and pathways to offending that apply to the individual offender.

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