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The advantages of utilizing Romanized letters for the Japanese language in the place of Japanese and Chinese mixed characters are beyond comprehension. Vocabularies composed of these monosyllables are : Ma (a duration of time or a demon), mi (fruit), me (eye), mo (sea- weeds), momi (unhulled rice) . Monosyllables belonging to the Ya chain, ya as in yacht.- e (jg)f i (yi)*' yo as in Fosemite. animus (n.) Mokuteki ya Shodo nado no ugoiteiru Seishin; Kokoro; Ishi; Taido; Keik5 (katamuki); Tekigaishin; Akui.

They are readily learned; they can be pronounced with precision; and they produce efficiency and rapidity in thought expressions. yu as in youth, (short sound) Vocabularies composed from the Ya chain monosyllables are : Iya (dislike), yoi (good), ya (arrow), yu (hot water), yayo (hey! anise (n.) (Shokubutsu) Mitsubagusa (Chi- chukai ni mensuru tohono Kuniguni ni sansuru Ninjin ni ruisuru Kusa). anklet (n.) Ashikubi no Wa (Kazari ni mochiita) ; Ashikase no Wa; Kurubushi o sasaeru Mono.

[Read More...]Krautrock legend Damo Suzuki is probably best known for his work as the lead singer for German group Can.

Since going their separate ways, Suzuki has gone on to perform solo and with fellow musicians[...]Yuzen is the Japanese traditional craft of silk dye-resist painting.

We, the Japanese people, in order to build ourselves a new and better civilization by our own hands must have the tools, which will make this progress possible: Roman Letters. announcement (n.) Happyo; H5koku; Tsuge- shirase; Koji (oyakeni shimesu) ; K5hyo.

Although the author has consulted many unabridged dictionaries in English and also many of the English-Japanese dictionaries written in Japanese, he would not have been able to finish the book without the invaluable assistance of the many Niseis, who assisted him as his eyes and hands. Vocabularies composed from the guttural syllables: Ga (moth), ga (postposition indicating the preceding word is the sub- ject of the sentence) , gi or giri (a truth or justice) , gu or dogu (uten- sils), go (five), gogo (afternoon — P. O.), ge (antonym of jo meaning "bottom" or "down"). anile (adj.) Toshiyori-onna no yona; yobo- yoboshita.In order to remedy this glaring defect, the author has endeavored to use easy terms, which the English-speaking students can find most useful and which the general Japanese public can understand. The use of the consonant K plus a vowel which is generally called the Ka chain. Some of them are : Kaki (a fence or a persimmon), kaku (to write), kiku (to hear, or a chrysanthemum) , koke (moss) , keiko (practice) , kiki (stem of grasses) , kakekko (running race), kokekkoko (cockadoodledoo). (re.) Ichinen ni Ichido no Shuppanbutsu; Ichinenso (ma- tawa Ichi-kisetsu dake ikiru Kusa) .He has tried to keep terms most used in daily speech and in conversation. vi English-Japanese Dictionary in Roman Letters ka pronounced like canoe ku as in cwshion. annually (adv.) toshidoshini; mainen; Ichinen ni Ichido zutsu.This is a unique event made up of one-to-one language … [Read More...]With fresh, high quality ingredients absolutely key to the preparation of sushi and sashimi, it almost feels wrong to call this a ‘cooking’ class.[Read More...]There are so many reasons why we believe that private tutoring with a native Japanese language tutor is a great way to meet your learning goals. Instead, Reiko from Hashi cooking provides a deep and detailed overview of all that …

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