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We knew which cock was always almost guaranteed to be big, … I love being mommy and taking care of all my sons needs and wants. I love how it fucking grows in my mouth and start feeling your mushroom head on my tongue then you gong deep …

You want me to be your submissive little mommy whore? My daughter told me last night she wants to be a mommy whore like me one day. One of my regrets is not getting pregnant by one of my older sons from my first marriage.

Summary: Coed gets revenge on cheating boyfriend in a surprising way. She also insisted I dress like a slut and get some rebound sex... Dressing sexy did cheer me up and I had a good time at the bar... She had pushed me in high school to get the 90s I had always fallen short of, and she was a woman I admired greatly. "Game on," I joked, thinking the best way out of this funk was revenge. She headed off and for the first time in a while I felt better.

Thanks to the real SABRINA who requested this story. which come from a long line of big tits (my mother, my grandmother, my great-grandmother all are skinny (I'm 126 pounds and 5'4") and huge breasted (I'm a 38DD))... Now although I have a great body with a small waist and a tight ass (I run every morning, and I tan every chance I get), I have a tough time holding onto a man. When I mention this characteristic, very few people believe it about me, since I work as a bartender and can flirt like a minx. a persona I create to get great tips to pay my way through college. if not from her tongue or one of half a dozen strap-ons... getting hit on by a lot of guys and a couple of girls... I just wanted to live my Cindy Lauper philosophy of just having fun and then going home and 'She Bopping'. I thought about fucking one of his friends that night... I would get my revenge by fucking one of his friends... or maybe I could even make my gangbang fantasy become a reality.

"Well, then how about I just bury my face in your cunt and we can sin our way to heaven? "I'm serious, if I don't get some big dick in me tonight, or two or three, I'll come home and let you show me what you got," I promised, confident that in this outfit I was going to get fucked.

"I'm not kidding either," she promised back, "give me half an hour and you will never want dick inside you again." "Don't you fuck your women?

The next night, Karen refused to allow me to drown in my own tears and self-pity party. I wanted not only to be seen as a sexy siren, but also to be valued for my brains, my sensuality and my personality. "But I thought you two might be the ones who did." Deciding I wanted to make it clear he was to blame for our end, I revealed, "Well, he made the choice to end it." "He did? God forbid a man take responsibility for his actions.

She really was a good friend, and in the end I relented. This was something Karen had often promised she could fix in ten minutes if I gave her the chance... "I expect you at the annual Halloween party, is that clear? That said, I expect you to look absolutely sexy as hell." I smiled. Karen had never liked my boyfriend and had often suggested that maybe I should switch to her team since all guys were assholes and only a woman really knew how to please another woman. She had also been my high school English teacher a couple years earlier. That night ended with ice cream, vodka and crying on my sweet roommate's shoulder.We deliver the best customer service and we believe that excellent phone sex milf service has little to do with fake moaning and lots to do with unique creativity! Men’s jaws drop when they see my sexy curves, and I love the attention.When I turned 40 my sex drive went into over-drive.

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