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Atmospheric musical score by Federico Jusid , including the catching song : ¨But Not for Me¨ written by George Gershwin and performed by Javier Cámara .Good direction who does have its emotive moments , most of them in the second half , being mostly romantic and some moments dramatic .During repeated visits, Mahdavi found that despite the strict moral policies of the Islamic Republic, young Iranians were listening to music, dancing, drinking alcohol, and socializing in new ways. She attended parties where famous DJs played techno music, Absolut vodka and Tanqueray gin were served, and female guests mingled with “western guys.” Although house parties were common among the middle and upper-middle classes, lower-class youth threw parties in abandoned warehouses or at secluded outdoor locations, serving homemade liquor and playing music on “boom boxes” or car stereos. Like youth in other countries who lack private spaces to retreat to, some Iranian youth reported having sex at parties and in cars (which sometimes allowed them to escape the morality police) out of necessity. Shomal, in northern Iran, had a reputation as a popular destination for these sexual explorations.Young Iranians also indulged in premarital and extramarital sexual escapades. One informant told Mahdavi that young men and women “go there, deep in the jungle, and have lots of sex, with lots of people; it’s really something to see.Her family remembered violence and extremism, and these were the images that stuck: “women clad in black chadors, wailing and whipping themselves,” “black bearded men with heavy hearts and souls,” arranged marriages, and the fierceness of the “morality police.” But while she encountered this repressed side of Iran, she also heard stories of and witnessed signs of what some friends and informants called a sexual or sociocultural revolution. Now the youth are trying to figure out what to do with all these opening doors.” Understandably, young people experience confusion in the face of competing ideals and desires—traditional expectations versus contemporary temptations—and the stakes of personal decisions remain high.Her interest in how an “insatiable hunger for change, progress, cosmopolitanism, and modernity” was being linked to sex by young Tehranians sparked the beginning of seven years of anthropological study. In 2004, despite nationwide attention to the public execution of a seventeen-year-old girl suspected of having premarital sex, Mahdavi nonetheless found many young women willing to lose their virginity in order to participate in the changing sexual culture.One day his cousin Jorge (Raul Arévalo) arrives to visit him , expecting Juanito to be a successful person .

Years have passed and he didn't achieve the success, he expected and spends his life working in different jobs to survive.It's an intelligent and charming story although sometimes is slow moving and tiring but is finely developed with sense of style and sensibility .Very pleasant yarn , filled with emotion , artistic scenes and plenty of sensitivity .Manu Aranguren is the contact person from the Spanish government in the negotiations with terrorist group ETA.But the dialog is influenced by errors and chance, leaving the personal relationships of the negotiators as key to its outcome.

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This is an exciting as well as touching flick filmed with great sensitivity and feeling .

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