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NAMM Show '88 or '89 can't quite remember where it was in Cali., I guess Anaheim..... Jammed with Eddie Van Halen and other Kramer endorsee's. Purple on white deranged baby heads with gurders around the edges.Sie gelten als die "nettesten Jungs im Rockgeschäft" - dabei wundern sich die Foo Fighters, wie "sanft" andere Bands inzwischen klingen.Im Interview verraten Dave Grohl und Co., was sie von Superstar Taylor Swift lernen können.

We are sure that there are a lot of talanted writers among you.

Special thanks to Jeff for being so fast and quick responding back about the interview. Make sure and check out Jeff's new endeavor in Naked Beggars at This guitar was also used by my singer, Inga Brittingham in the Martina Mc Bride video, "This one's for the girls" . Well, I've been using Kramers for about 20 years now & in that time I've probably broken over a dozen headstocks,replaced 50 pounds of Floyd Rose parts & beat the crap out of enough bodys to make a new one from the pieces.

Before we ask you any questions, the Kramer Forum guys wanted me to tell you that you did some incredible work with Cinderella, and that we all still remember and look up to the music you created with those guys.

Er war Sohn einer Frauenrechtlerin - und hielt sich einen Harem: Fela Kuti, Afrobeat-Erfinder und sexistischer Bürgerschreck.

Als der Musiker 1997 starb, gingen Hunderttausende auf die Straße, um ihn zu ehren.

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