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As consumer psychology changes, marketing enters a new era, when human needs, values, and connections define success and failure.To meet this call to action Marketers must change their perspective toward consumers.This article is inspired by the famous Lennon-Mc Cartney song "Money Can't Buy Me Love".Marketing is not what it used to be, not even a little bit.A quintessential example of this is Nike's, "Just Do It." During the Consumer Era, the reigning marketing methodology was a four-step, universally applicable approach.Use research to determine what the public wants; Offer the good or service; Devise advertising campaigns to entice, entertain, impress or flatter the public; and Carefully choose the media where your campaign will be featured.

Anyone with a social media account can launch highly targeted ad campaigns locally, nationally, and internationally. In the past advertisers would saturate the market with campaign ads, constantly burning money for the promise of greater returns. In the past businesses were slaves to consumer preferences, the competition's activities, and capital markets.

They are perceived as an encumbrance and in some cases, invasive.

The second is that the Internet dissipated the curtain of shadows that once hid corporate activity.

The question before us is this: What can we do to adapt while preserving our bottom line?

The Middle Way The apparent choices before brands and marketing agencies are threefold.

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