Frustrated with online dating

I'm not going to go into the reasons why this happens, suffice to say that it is a rare occasion when you will hear a straightforward "No". If you reach the 3 strike mark, no matter what the situation, that slip of paper with her number on it gets turned to ash.

Now, some of you might think that these rules are a bit harsh (maybe some of you will think they are a bit lax?

I hope to make light of some of the interactions I have in my dating experiences and experiments.

I’ve created this blog to vent my frustrations and share some anecdotes of my experiences in the world of dating.

So, if you are a smart investor you don't put everything in one fund!!!!

I'd like to speak to a woman (aged approx 24-40) who will talk about her frustrations that she's not going on many dates because guys she meets online seem to be more interested in messaging/winking/etc without meeting in real life.

This will involve a phone interview, you'll get a readback before the piece goes to press to ensure you're happy with your quotes and you should be happy to be identified in the piece. If you're interested please give me a shout on [email protected]

Each fund individually has a 100-fold higher probability of taking your money than giving you a profit.

How do you counter this seemingly insurmountable probability?

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