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The easiest way to get the region's Tower is to travel to the Keh Namut shrine back on the Great Plateau.

Look to the south west, and you'll see the tower over the distant mountains.

If you're struggling with this short distance, then waiting until dawn or dusk will see a more neutral temperature that allows you to travel unhindered.

Either way, head south and after a cutscene showing the Divine Beast, you'll reach Kara Kara Bazaar.

Hi I went there a few years ago with my small kids and didn't find it very suitable for them.

There is a lot of walking and a lot of climbing up and down steps.

he wasn't keen on some of the underground bits but otherwise he thought it was fab. btw while you are up that way Big Sheep and Little Cow ( is worth a visit, costs a small fortune imho to get in but there is an outside area with ride-ons and a sand pit before you go in which you don't have to pay the entrance fee to use and you can sit and have a cup of tea while they play We are having a family weekend in the Yorkshire Dales and it has been suggested that we go to the Forbidden corner near Middleham. it looks quite a lot of money (8.50 for adults, 6.50 for children - no idea at what age they are free) and I want to be sure it is suitable for 3 year olds and 15 month old. The only thing that would make me slightly wary is the bit about pushchairs (it says about limited access and younger kids would be better in carrier)..which would make me wonder about steepness of certain bits?

Also if you do go it says about pre booking the tickets.

Also how much time do you spend there, is it a full day out or just a couple of hours??? its a lovely morning/afternoon out its not suitable for buggies, some of the steps to go up into towers and down underground are very steep.

Glide down to the Jee Noh Shrine that's visible at the base of those mountains, and activate the fast travel point.

You now want to make a beeline there by climbing the mountains to the Tower.

Having a stamina upgrade or status boost might help with the long climb.

Once you've unlocked the region, you'll see from the map there is a settlement to the south west.

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If you struggle with this initial climb, then head south down the canyon, which will double back and elevate you up.

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