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This personality is one of the more common personas and makes up just under 12 percent of the population.Individuals with this personality love to be a part of something traditional and meaningful.If left unsatisfied, the ESTJ may suddenly realize one day that their dreams have gone unfulfilled and may take drastic action in a last-ditch attempt to gain some satisfaction.ESTJ relationships are taken seriously and are held to a high standard for this sort of character.ESTJ relationships are frequently described with one word: stable.This Myers-Briggs personality is made up of the four following traits: extraverted, sensing, thinking, and judging.A “guardian” holds traditional morals where relationships are concerned.

Those who are religious tend to give their religious beliefs the highest priority, followed by their family, friends, and work responsibilities.

It might be easy for a partner to become jealous of the attention that a “guardian” rakes in, especially considering how attractive this personality can be to the opposite sex.

It would be unreasonable to ask an ESTJ to stop being so charming and friendly because these are tightly woven into the spirit of the “guardian.” If flirtation tends to seep out once in a while, it wouldn’t be irrational for their mate to bring up the fact that this behavior makes them uncomfortable.

A “guardian” type is often not interested in information that is subjective or emotional.

Some individuals with this persona may not have patience for people who are overly emotional, lazy, or inefficient.

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