Driver updating with ubuntu

The latest Beagle Bone Black Debian distribution images are available from Beagle

There are two versions to choose from: a version that runs directly from the micro-SD Card; or a version that writes to the BBB’s on-board e MMC, called a “flasher” image.

The advantage of the e MMC version is that once it is written to the e MMC (which takes about 5–25 minutes) the BBB will boot in about 10 seconds from then on, and the micro-SD card slot will remain available for additional removable storage.

For the remaining steps, the e MMC flasher image is chosen and Windows is used as the desktop operating system.

If you are planning to flash the e MMC with a new image, please ensure that you download a “flasher” image.

Especificamente, isso beneficia os usuários de Linux das distribuições Ubuntu e Fedora, que desejam atualizar seus subsistemas gráficos para plataformas Intel.

[updated April 2015] Although the BBB is supplied with a Linux distribution already on its e MMC, one of the first steps you may carry out is updating your BBB to have the latest Linux distribution.

The website has very clear instructions on writing a new system image to the BBB, so this section only details observations and additional steps that may be useful in achieving a successful upgrade.

I did the following: $ sudo apt purge nvidia-* $ sudo apt autoremove $ reboot $ sudo apt install nvidia-375 $ reboot I was hoping for a better performance in DXMD, so any Help is greatly appreciated Another thing I find strange is that X won't run after the first reboot (without the offical driver).

Shouldn't nouveau or at last vesa take over in that case?

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