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I responded to a craigslist add for male submissive for video shoot wanted.

I sent them some pics and I quickly got a reply saying they would love to shoot me.

Recently one morning, I had my husband cleaning the kitchen.

I was in a bitchy mood and he was getting on my last nerve, even though he was not... The more manly they are, the more I get turned on while dominating them. She has started looking at kinky gay bdsm sites and once said it would be nice if she were the edger and me the edgee. I'm about to tell her to knock it off, but that obviously wouldn't work.

I had several devices out on the bed: several canes, wooden brush, fly swatter, wooden spoon, and wooden shoe horn. Kathy Loses Again, and Again I don't know why she wanted me to post this, but here goes as it is a part of our deal: Kathy and I have been betting. I get to choose the team, the score doesn't matter, just who wins. You lead me into the playroom on my hands and knees. I have him drop his pants and stand up straight with his hands on top of his head. I was playing tie up games with a guy when I was near end high school, when me and my friend Jenny got him from behind while he was using a computer. After climbing the rickety wooden stairs to the second floor deck of 1313, I knocked 3 times. I was almost ready to turn back when the door opened just enough for me to enter. I don’t remember how old I was when my older sister made me her sex slave. I had been in my room sniffing my sister’s panties; my mother was working nights and my older sister came home earlier then normal. Hello Everybody, My nmae is Smith and im 17 years old..

I crawl naked behind you, a leash attached to the thick collar around my neck. I'm looking for some new ideas for quick punishments for when I don't have time or inclination to give him a proper beating. We gagged him with a pair of satin patnies and a womans belt, to keep him quiet. I live alone with my mom as our dad works abroad and we meet him at vacations, I dont have no siblings.....

i think Women should be in all positions of authority, both at home and in the real world!! I think that deep inside all men enjoy the idea of a woman completely taking control of them. I won the bet again so this makes about 9 weeks straight I've won. As she still rewards me in the usual fashion for keeping to my workout, she did see a clip she liked about a workout. Kathy says it is about time and I am going to get it good.

While my subhub was taking care of his "cleanings" I set up the bedroom.When I arrived I was greeted by the producer and lead upstairs.He opened the door and there were two beautiful dommes...She says she needs it just to make up for what she has spent lately. I lay in my bed, weak as a kitten from the treatments I had, had for a serious illness.My Wife had been a treasure, looking after me at home for months at a time, even more amazingly because we had nearly split up just prior to my illness, when she had discovered hat I had been...

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