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That's how you get regulars to come and keep seeing you".

Hof places huge importance on his employees promoting their personal brands and encourages them to speak to the media as often as possible.

Whether they visit or live in the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, they are designated individual bedrooms.Occasionally, my questions make her giggle but as soon as she composes herself, she answers all of them very calmly. Her weekday shifts last 12 hours, and her weekend shifts are two hours longer. "You want to spend that time on the website's message board", she tells me."You should always be emailing and texting potential clients, chatting to them and building up your base."Every girl has a beautiful bathroom, a nice bed, and a plasma television", Hof boasts."We try to give the girls all the creature comforts we can so that they can enjoy their stay here.

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