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Shereé says that she never told them because she wanted to protect Bob’s reputation but Bob never protected her.

She wants to talk to her kids so they don’t repeat her mistakes.

My favorite moment is when Cynthia reveals that just because Will isn’t getting any doesn’t mean that Cynthia hasn’t been either. I want a Fat Joe or a Big Pun.” She’s referring to Will’s penis.

Then Cynthia tells Will that they were talking about their potential sex life.

Shereé decides that now is the time to talk to her kids about her domestic abuse.

She knows that her kids have read about it online, so she just wants to know what they think.

This season, it seems like we’re getting two drama-filled episodes in a row and then one as a breather.

This episode is definitely a breather, as we check in with about half of the women’s personal lives to find out who is failing as a girlfriend and a mother. We get a silly little excursion with Shereé and Porsha because Shereé is finally ready to install some doors in Chateau Shereé.

Porsha is literally bonkers and Who does a sake bomb on a first date?He stopped talking to her years ago because the Feds were closing in, but couldn’t stop thinking about her. When she comes back in from the patio, her life coach is like, “Who was that?” and Shereé says, “Oh, my boyfriend in prison.” You can literally see him suppress his urge to go “BITCH, WHAT” and ask her if she’s in love.It’s pretty sweet and there’s nothing really to snark about here. Meanwhile, Cynthia is going on a double date with Kandi and Todd so they can meet Will.Kandi has done some digging and found out that Will appeared in disguise on a dating-themed episode of , I would run for the hills. Kandi and Todd interrogate Will and Todd keeps bringing up Peter.

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