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I'm a 24 year old student at a physical therapy assistant program.

My partner asks for help finding pec major from the professor. I think he noticed my flushed face because he looked a little flustered and said sorry.

Also, how can someone fail to find an illiac crest when someone is lying down!?!? but there is no room for smacks on the bottom or fingers in the navel.

I agree with btc8 (but I wouldn't know where to find an "illiac crest" if someone is lying down, sitting up, or standing on their head .) The only concern, really, would be if you let your imagination get away from your rational and logical observations and interpretations of events. Btc8, Horse****, this guy is seeing how far to push your boundaries. He is trying to find out how far he can get with her.

If you are uncomfortable with that, then give an obvious frown as you look at him. I like the ones with the preprinted numbers in the corner (done this before) 4. Apparently I was contracting my butt, so professor John walks over and says to my partner, "Wait, wait don't let her contract her butt".

He's a teacher, he must be somewhat intelligent, he'll get the hint after a while. And as he said this he actually felt the need to poke my butt.

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