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It is held to the wrist by a screw extending from under the trigger guard extension.

Almost all the furniture on the rifle was investment cast.

Too bad the great tiger striping in the maple does not show as well as it should.

The figure is quite muted by the Aqua Fortis dark finish. This grand British style of the 1820-60’s was muted, never flamboyant, yet functionally elegant and extremely stout.

The barrel is browned, the rest of the furniture is antique hot rust blued. The almost flat iron buttplate is nearly 2inches wide to reduce felt recoil, the wide butt meaning a cheekpeice is not needed to fit the shooter’s face.

The trigger guard is screwed into the double set trigger plate, then tied down with two screws at the rear, the trigger plate is in turn bolted through to the tang, which holds the very strong Manton style hooked breech.

These items are no longer available as they have been sold, but they do give you a good look at what Doc does and the quality of the goods that he designs, makes and sells. This gun started with a trade-in stock that had a big defect in the forestock. It worked just right, the 32″ 73 caliber smoothbore barrel mimicing a cut down originally 44″ long barrel.

You can’t see it, but it features a tang-to-trigger bar screw, the percussion bolster is the stoutest in the world, designed by the great gunmaker Manton, the lock is surmounted by a drip bar instead of weak wood, the trigger guard screws to the DST plate at the front and is fastened with two screw at the rear.

The forearm key is surrounded by supporting roundels, all in all, a very strong, yet elegant set-up.

You get a hint here that the checkering wraps up and around the wrist.

The black ebony forearm tip is Henry’s style, which matches the Henry percussion lock.

The checkering at the wrist is done in the earlier British style.

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