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Some aim at reaching long-term goals through partnership, while others simply offer an instant trade-off where you pay to play. The annual report presents an opportunity to tell the story of your company’s brand and communicate not only numbers and figures but equally important the company’s identity.

We developed Hedeselskabets new purpose and visual brand concept and for the past three years, we have helped them ...

At Re:define we investigate how a clearly defined purpose sets the strategic direction and creates a strong core narrative, with potential to be translated into everyd ...20 years has passed since Nikolaj Stagis founded a small ad agency in Odense.

Since then Stagis has worked on transforming businesses into flourishing brands. In 1997, I founded Stagis with the ambition of transforming businesses into flourishing brands.

You can meet all four of these wonderful people here with a brief introduction and a pers ...Each year, families without jobs and low school attendance cost the Danish society billions.Public Capacity is a startup company looking to make real changes in our society. How do you create a brand that your customers and employees can feel and build a relation to?Investors are breathing new life into the well known Danish developer brand Pihl & Son which went bankrupt in 2013.Now owner and board member of LM BYG, Carsten Mindegaard, has teamed up with an investor and bought the intellectual property rights from the bankruptcy estate. Why is it that business leaders tend to rely more on survey data than on thick data?

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