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Having once been widely reviled as an adulteress, she was almost paralysed with fear. The gradual emergence of Camilla as an important part of the Prince's life had begun in July 1996, almost a year before Diana's death, when Charles hired Mark Bolland, then the director of the Press Complaints Commission, as his deputy private secretary.

Camilla's sister Annabel and daughter Laura were there with her in her bedroom, along with her dresser, Jacqui Meakin, and a housemaid called Joy. His task was to rescue the Prince's reputation and make his lover acceptable to the British public.

They couldn't help liking that fact that she was so normal and down to earth — 'a bit kick your shoes off, have a fag, let's talk about Coronation Street' — and they realised she had a very calming effect on Charles, whose temper can be ferocious.'She would be sitting at the table, listening to him behave badly, and all she would have to do is look at him and the whole atmosphere would change . 'Camilla and the Queen finally met in the summer of 2000, when Charles threw a 60th birthday party at Highgrove for his cousin, the exiled King Constantine of Greece.

'It was a bit like that at the beginning — she just wasn't used to working.'But the Prince's staff were warming to her. It did make him behave a little bit better, because when she wasn't there, boy, could he kick off!It’s not so much an escape from him — he sometimes stays with her there himself — as from the baggage that comes with him.Besides, he’s up working most nights until well after she’d like to be in bed and asleep.'In Chile, everything is cured by chicken soup,' said Lucia. She still wasn't feeling well, but now it was nerves more than sinusitis that kept her under the duvet.No one, least of all Camilla, knew what the reaction of the crowd at Windsor would be, what the media would say, or how the whole thing would go. I'm going to get into your clothes.'Only at that point did the bride-to-be get up.

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She can be untidy in her own home without feeling that Charles is itching to send in the butler to straighten the pile of magazines or take away the empty glasses. As her son Tom once said: ‘What p***es me off most of all is when someone who doesn’t know her says she’s been a bad mother. She never judges, she’s very funny, she cooks the food I like and coming home is a joy.’ These days, she spends most weekends at Ray Mill, and usually Mondays, too.

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