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The company is so small, with Carolyn joking that rather than an airline MJN is more of an "airdot", that everything is run on a tight budget and they are willing to take on any job to keep the business going.The company is based in the fictional Fitton Airport, located somewhere in the Midlands.Nevertheless, the spire rises octagon upon octagon, pinnacle by pinnacle, until the stone pillars shriek and the ground beneath it swims.Its shadow falls ever darker on the world below, and on Dean Jocelin in particular.Another recurring character is Captain Hercules "Herc" Shipwright (Anthony Head), a former colleague of Douglas who now works at Scottish airline Air Caledonia.

The episodes were not broadcast in alphabetical order, but The Complete Cabin Pressure: From A to Z collection does play the episodes alphabetically.From the author of Lord of the Flies, The Spire is a dark and powerful portrait of one man's will, and the folly that he creates.Cabin Pressure is a radio sitcom written and created by John Finnemore and directed and produced by David Tyler.Douglas suspects that there is something valuable hidden on the plane and MJN manage to buy back Gerti.His suspicions prove correct when he discovers that the wiring on the plane is made of gold.

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Princess Theresa of Liechtenstein (Matilda Ziegler) appears in the final season, first appearing when she hires MJN to take her younger brother and ruling monarch King Maxi to Fitton so he can return to school. In the two-part series finale Martin is given a paid job at Swiss Air, which means MJN has to close down and Gerti has to be sold.

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