Burgess shale dating consequences of dating at a young age

Around 708 million years ago (during the Late Pre-Cambrian) the supercontinent of Rodinia formed around the equator.This was followed by the Cambrian Explosion (542 million years ago) when most major animal life forms evolved.It takes a unique combination of factors relating to sediment deposition to create fossils and especially rare circumstances for them to preserve for millions of years.

This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.Does this find contribute to understanding invertebrate evolution as it is claimed to have occurred?The deposit did unveil numerous new fossil types, including exotic species of phyla already known and perhaps even several new phyla (basic body styles) too, but none were primitive in any sense, nor ancestral to any other type.Many and varied forms of complex multi-celled life suddenly sprang into existence without any trace of less complex predecessors.There are numerous single-celled forms at lower stratigraphic levels, but these offer scant help in solving the mystery.

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What it certainly did not do was reveal any of the transitional forms so desperately needed.

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