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And the tolerances of the production, in a no CNC or computer era, is unbelievable. Sans Peur is unusually well informed about English made guns. I'm not sure about 1899 being an international date for determining antique status but December 31, 1899 is the standard date used by the Bureau of Alcohol. The older gunmakers in Europe were expert craftsmen (and still are) in hand making and fitting of guns.

Not long ago I worked on a over/under that was so well fitted that it would not break open for loading without forcing the barrels open.

The serial number on yours will probably be shown on the underside of the barrels (on the flats) or thereabouts and also perhaps on the trigger guard strap)It would be helpful to see photos of the proof marks which would also help to date the piece more accurately and also tell us the calibre.

It is very difficult (near impossible) to estimate value without seeing the weapon. You really need to have it appraised by a knowledgeable gunsmith or in this case perhaps an auctioneer who deals in high end guns, any guesstimate such as mine is really worthless . If am too late to ask a question under this subject, excuse me. Riley being in business that I have is 1898, I would have to say the gun was made before that date. Thanks a lot, dear Ned Fall, I thought 450 Bore Express is a rifle caliber too.

That ''crystal indicator'' window is still an interesting system. Weather - Interactive Practice Greeting and General Things II1. Intro and General Things Review - Interactive Practice College Related Topics1. What you have here is a double hammer rifle of good quality. Reilly Company continued to trade at various London addresses (as listed by Ned Fall) until 1917 and today would certainly be considered as being in the second tranche of London gunmakers which means they produced a classy product such as your rifle appears to be.Edward Michael Reilly was born 1816 and was in business from 1841 until his death, I know not when. Although Reilly undoubtedly produced pin fire guns as did most other gunmakers of the period the centre fire was well established by the mid 1860's and I would date this gun relatively early .

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