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This film was made in an unusual way, as it was compiled from several of the director's student films made over a period of time.

There is a sizable degree of contrariness involved, wrote Konrad Eberhardt about Skolimowski's characters, and anxiety as to how to save one's individuality, one's face, fear of melding into a community subordinated to overriding purposes.

The suspiciousness of some of the critics at the time, writes Tomasz Jopkiewicz - is understandable.

After all, this was an obvious attempt to escape the social rules while appearing to be ostentatiously surrendering to them.

The most important thing was to preserve the imperfect 'sense of yourself', a stubborn and quiet refusal to recognise the uncomfortable primacy of the group (Kino 7-8/2004). At the same time, there is fear of irrevocably losing what is one's own, of it being taken away. A struggle for the right to err, to find and then lose anchorage, something relatively stable.

And from the same article: Escaping, wandering at a loss, searching. These are the dilemmas torturing the heroes of Skolimowski's films.

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They had been brought up after the war and their main experience was post-war reality.

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