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@ Resistance : But don't you think that the "real culprit" is this wildcard system ?

That this wildcard system has precisely been chosen to permit the choice of a player who wouldn't be otherwise the most logical choice ?

| Photo: Artists representation of the playing space / Agon 9/13/2017 – Checking in on World Championship candidates qualification, the twists and turns that have already occurred and are still to come as the drama mounts and the pool of players shrinks.

For many potential candidates the World Cup is the only possible route to qualification, but some have multiple paths to follow.

Now Russia has at least two players who have a chance to become the challenger to the incumbent World Champion.

Usually, the chess world’s attention is drawn to the tournament and taking part in it is a challenge for any grandmaster.

I hope to show a worthy performance and fight for first prize!

Will Mamedyarov and Caruana stay on track despite being eliminated from the World Cup?

Who else can join Sergey Karjakin to attempt to overthrow Magnus Carlsen next year?

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