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After submitting the data, the computer generates sentences that are composed of arbitrary verbs, nouns, and adjectives. The first "City Site" web development company, advertising businesses and reviewing music and art events in the Bay Area. City Sites was featured in Interactive Week Magazine in 1997 as numerous other City websites began competing for the business ad market including City Search and others.

Founder, Darrow Boggiano, still operates City Sites.

The owner - Arman Kahalili gave novice website creators a great deal of technical assistance to get the new wave of developers started on building sites and expanding code that was used in later versions of HTML and other web technology." list which many people used as an early web directory. The web site is still active, and the original web page format is still available online.Haystack Observatory's web site explained its radio and radar remote sensing mission and provided data access for science users. Created by students at the University of California, Santa Cruz to help promote unsigned musical artists.אלבומה השישי, Reputation, והסינגל הראשון מתוכו, , הגיעו לראשי המצעדים בארצות הברית ובבריטניה.הישגיה של סוויפט כוללים עשרה פרסי גראמי, פרס אמי, תשעה-עשר פרסי המוזיקה האמריקאית, עשרים ואחת פרסי המוזיקה של בילבורד, אחד-עשר פרסי איגוד מוזיקת הקאנטרי, שמונה פרסי האקדמיה למוזיקת קאנטרי ופרס המוזיקה הבריטית.

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SLAC launched the first web server in North America on December 12, 1991.

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