Alex ebert and jade castrinos dating par dating Vallensbæk

lol” Band leader Alex Ebert apparently responded to the news in a since-deleted Facebook post.

“We weren’t in the best mind frame at that time to record a full album, but we did get some beautiful songs from it.” They include “All Wash Out” and “Fiya Wata,” two tracks on “Here,” the band’s second full-length CD. There’s been plenty of strife and heartache in the band in the past, and we don’t have any now.

Ebert also released a solo album last year, and intends to collaborate more with his Ima Robot cohorts.

New Orleans will likely be his base of operations going forward.

He ambled down an aisle, shaking hands, clapping and singing, a gangly, bearded, loose-limbed, quasi-hippie in the vein of the Spin Doctors’ Chris Barron.

Ebert has passed through New Orleans numerous times over the years.

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