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You have the right to decide." While these titles aim to redress the balance to a genre dominated by victorious US soldiers defeating Arab enemies, there are other games available that reflect a wider unease with Western thinking.

The Ummah Defence titles are fairly innocuous, with robots as enemies and an Islamic universe under threat.

Gamers may be used to saving the day by taking on alien forces from another universe but a new wave of computer games are more concerned with saving the world from non-believers.

Hizbollah, a radical Islamic group, spent two years developing Special Force, a PC game designed to compete with games showing Arabs as enemies and Americans as triumphant heroes.

By providing an alternative to the mainstream, we can help our childrenin a subtle way learn to identify with Islamic values and teachings." Islam Fun is a collection of PC mini-games aimed at encouraging children to learn more about Islam.

In among Two Bunny Race and Building Blocks - Build a Mosque is the more alarming The Resistance.

The company explains its stance by stating that: "Video games are a great learning tool, but many games available teach things contrary to the teachings of Islam.Mahmoud Rayya, an official from the Hizbollah bureau, explained at the game's launch that "this game is resisting the Israeli occupation through the media".The game sold thousands of copies in Lebanon in the first two weeks after its release and has gone on to sell at least 10,000 more since.Just like with music, the devil has all the best tunes - and all the best games." Special Force Developer: Hizbullah Central Internet Bureau Like Under Siege, Special Force is a more professional title than, say, Islamic fun.Players simulate Hizbollah fighters during military operations against the Israeli army and action is inspired by actual Hizbollah operations.

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The Video Standards Council, which decides the age and content rating system for UK computer games, does not permit the sale of any game containing material featuring discrimination or incitement to hatred against any ethnic group.

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